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Get world-class quality in record time with our finely-tuned design and marketing services.

Although alt. does mean everything in Norwegian and that was a prior goal of alt. to provide a full range of marketing and promotional services in house.

We’ve learnt that it’s difficult to be amazing at everything. We can work with you to help find the best possible specialist if it’s something that we don’t do in house or have a go to contractor for. Below is the core of our business. There are exceptions so it’s best to have a chat about your specific situation and go from there. We’ve learnt it’s best to be direct and refer you to someone else if it’s outside of our core competency.


Graphic Design

From basic tweaks to full brand development. This is something Dan is very good at and we have processes in place to streamline the experience and to be as efficient as possible.



The goal here is to get you online fast, have a great looking site and to be able to edit and maintain it on your own.


Product Sourcing

Over the last few years we’ve developed a network of quality vendors and suppliers for anything from T-shirts to signage to videography to business card printing. Basically anything related to marketing or promotional products we’ll be able to help.