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Let's Talk Sponsorship

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

For the 27 individuals that have had a listen of our podcast “Monday Night Beers” you would of heard us chatting about sponsorship both as a marketing tool and also joking around about getting a beer sponsor for the podcast. We also put it out there on our Instagram story and it seemed like there was some interest in the topic, so let’s go!

Marketing is broad topic as it is, with areas like sponsorship and PR on outskirts. Based on our teams pretty limited knowledge of sponsorship we thought we’d reach out to someone who knows more about it than we do.

Before scheduling the interview / video with this individual. What kind of questions would you like to know? Here’s a couple of talking points and topics that we’d like to know more about.

What we want to know.

1. How do you assess which sponsorship or organisation to sponsor, what should you look for?

2. How do you go about assessing what’s a good deal / value / a win - win opportunity?

3. Should you look at sponsoring organisations that are of interest to you and or your business personally?

4. Do you think it’s best to stick with one organisation and allocate all your sponsorship dollars to that one or do you think spending less with each organisation and going “wider” would be a better option?

5. To me it would make sense to jump on any opportunity where you can sponsor by way of a trade deal or exchanging product or services in lieu of exposure / sponsorship, thoughts on this?

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