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Making it Easy 2: CRM/Hubspot

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

In this article Hubspot is the focus. It’s the CRM or Customer Relationship Management tool that we use at ALT. and we’ve recommended it to dozens of clients.

Top 5 reasons why we love it and why you should consider taking a look:

1. It’s visual and easy to use. Although it may not be the most sophisticated CRM available, in my experience it’s the easiest, most intuitive and most visual one.

2. Easy integrations. The two integrations I use daily are: * the booking calendar, this is an easy way to share your availability to have people book time with you, you can select your daily times that you’re available. * The outlook integration that allows you to tick a box and copy emails straight into Hubspot.

It also allows for tracking when a recipient opens the email and how many times, this may sound creepy but it’s really practical. For example, emails aren’t always delivered, so knowing if someone’s opened that proposal that took 2 days to prepare can be insightful before continuing on with email follow up, maybe it’s time to escalate it to a text or direct message or heaven forbid a phone call. 3. The deals / workflow board. These can be customised toward your business. We use the visual deals board as a two tiered system, firstly as a sales funnel where at the top of the funnel is “interest expressed” and then “confirmed sale” at the other end. From there it goes into our workflow board which I’m sure it isn’t really designed to be used for but for us it works and saves integrating another system for managing jobs once they are confirmed.

4. The mobile app and the way it syncs seamlessly, it harmoniously updates both the desktop version and the app. It’s perfect. It’s also great for sharing with the team and as above you can track those email opens on your phone, even if you sent the email off desktop.

5. It’s FREE. At least the version we use is free, crazy I know. I’ve often looked at upgrading and likely in the future we will, it seems like there are some advanced tracking and automation tools you get with the paid versions but I feel like this really is a next level of sophistication that we’re just not ready for yet. Being realistic is a big part of any system I believe. If it’s too hard or too complicated the team simply won’t use it and it’ll gather dust. We’re not a Hubspot certified agency partner or technically able to train people on how to use it but we can show how we’re using it and provide some advice on it. *These are only my opinions, it’s not fact, things also change so please get in touch if you feel like something is out of date or that I’ve missed the mark in some way*

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