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Blogging Made Easy

I’ve got to give credit where credit is due and this blog is inspired by Marcus Shaw at Business Mastery’s Blog. (https://businessmastery.nz/blog)

For whatever reason a lot of people, myself absolutely included feel that a blog needs to be a masterpiece!

This of course is going to lead inaction. Given, the bar is set quite high by larger organisations and professional bloggers who have incredible pieces of content on the latest trends, their industries etc... That are very well executed, designed with custom graphics / diagrams and sometimes huge in length and complexity.

I think this is great, articles like that really do add to the quality of the internet and help us stay informed, especially in the marketing industry for example that’s quickly moving with new trends and technology shifting monthly, if not weekly.

However. Over the last week, Dan and I have been chatting about the new ALT. Website (To better reflect the enhanced ALT. 3.0 model) and the question was raised over transferred the current blog to the new site and pro’s and con’s of doing so.

It also raised the question of why we haven’t been able to be consistent with our blogging.

Running a business is a continual process of making choices and allocating time, energy and resources. It seems that we haven’t devoted much to our blog lately and I can say that a big part of that is the notion that each post needs to be a Picasso. It doesn’t and thanks to Marcus, I’ve been inspired to use this platform (And the new website once it’s launched soon) as a place to express ideas, talk about what’s going on at ALT. hopefully create some discussions with our community around marketing and business concepts and ideas. All the while adding to our SEO juice.

Thanks for reading if you’ve made it this far. Hopefully this has inspired you to either restart your own blog or get one going.


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