+ Do you only build sites using Square Space?

Yes is the short answer, we used to use WordPress so do have some experience in modifying existing sites, hosting and updating although our preference would be to rebuild your site using Square Space, we’ve done this for a number of our clients and if we have all your content it’s quite a fast process

+ I already have a site built in Square Space / I have started building my own site but struggling, can you help?

Yes, we sure can, in either situation we can assist you. Renovating an existing Square Space website is something we can help with would like to do more of. The platform has changed a lot in the last few years and some of the earlier templates could really use some love! We’re also happy to work on a half finished design or if you’re struggling with certain parts of your design. There are some elements that can be very finicky and having us help could save you hours!

+ Do I pay alt. or Square Space?

You’ll sign up with Square Space and have an account and membership with them. We’ll advise which plan to purchase. You’ll then add us as an administrator of your site and we go from there. We’ll then have an agreement in place for the design cost of your site which will generally be a one off charge and then you’ll pay Square Space either monthly or annually, effectively for the hosting and also to use their platform.

+ Once you’ve completed the initial website design, can you assist with ongoing design / tweaks? & Do you have a retainer option to make it easy?

Absolutely, we can help on an ongoing basis, for the most part you should be able to add more content and complete minor changes either by yourself or by someone in your Team. We’re happy to either do them for you or to provide training on Square Space. We’re also happy to set up an ongoing retainer or service agreement that where we would be able to complete changes on your behalf. We don’t have a set price for this as each situation will likely be quite different.

Graphic Design

+ Who owns the artwork / design files / do you supply these?

Great question, this is a pet peeve of mine. Designers that withhold design files or have some sneaky terms and conditions where the client doesn’t actually own the editable version do exist. It’s a dick move in my opinion.

We will never hold you ransom for your artwork that youv’e paid for. We’ll always have the files available for you whenever requested and there’s never an obligation to continue using us. For your convenience we’ll even store your graphic files and have a link available for at anytime.

General FAQ

+ How do you price your design services, is it per project or hourly or…?

This can be a tricky one, we’ve done both ways in the past and it seems like some clients prefer one over the other. The hourly is a lot easier for us but I can also understand wanting some certainty over budget, especially for larger projects. I think my personal favorite method is the range. Which goes like this. We anticipate this being between 25 and 35 hours work. We’ll bill you for the time it takes and if we go over 35 hours that’s our fault, as long as we’re not exceeding the scope of the project we agreed on.

+ Speaking of money, what are your payment terms?

This could be a very long winded drawn out answer, in fact I might get into it more on a blog post over on the www.davidmelse.com website (shameless plug sorry!)

Like with pricing we’ll work something out to suit you and your business. Generally speaking though, our terms are 7 days after completion of your project. For websites and larger projects I would love to get a deposit up front of around 20% then the balance 7 days after but I’ve found what has worked well in the past is splitting the cost over 10 payments, one a week starting as soon as the project starts. (on an automatic payment).

For product sourcing our terms are generally a little tighter to compensate for the risk but again we’ll work with you to come up with a pricing methodology that we’re both happy with.

+ Still looking for an answer?

We’re working on building this page up but if you’ve got a question our contact details are here