Little Blue Penguin Preschool & Nursery


Little Blue Penguin is a Preschool & Nursery opening in 2018. They needed a brand image that would capture the hearts & minds of both kids & adults.


We were asked to create all of their advertising material for both print and online, this included a 50 page booklet to give to prospective enrollments that covered all aspects of the preschool and nursery. They also needed a website that could accept enrollments.


The advertising material we created for them included business cards, posters, flyers, brochures, t-shirts, social media posts, video and photography.


We created a multi-page website for Little Blue Penguin to showcase their companies ethos, pricing, and enrollment opportunities. Which was originally built using WordPress and subsequently converted to Square Space which allows changes to easily be made. (


We also assisted in contracting a videographer to shoot a short promotional video for use on Facebook, their website and also in digital advertising.

We continue to help them with the supply and sourcing of promotional products, the design of more technical advertising materials and also assisting in the overall marketing strategy and analysis.