David Melse Personal Brand

David was looking for a platform to summarise what he was up to and to have a page that was different than a social media profile, a stand alone website where he could post content to and would reflect his style and values.

The original goal was to use this website, brand, platform as a tool to sell consulting services that were a little more specialised than what alt. did. One thing lead to another and before we knew it there was a full website up and running, a professional photo shoot had taken place and a full visual brand and logo pack had been created. While it’s cool (and probably quite excessive) it was a great experiment in creating a personal brand website with collateral. It’s lead to a number of conversations with people looking to do something similar but not knowing where to start.

It is a work in progress but for now, here’s some of the photos and brand assets that we created. To learn more take a look at www.davidmelse.com